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Amendment Update for October 19

These are all of the proposed amendments to the county budget that will effect the county tax levy.

The name of the amendment is listed, followed by its tax levy impact. Numbers in (parenthesis) would lower the levy, or at least not be taken from it. To figure out how much something would cost an individual taxpayer, divide the levy impact by the approimate county population of 968,000. For instance, item 2 has a levy of $50,000, which breaks down to about three cents per person.

While this is my first budget, I think it’s safe to say that not all of these amendments will make it through into the final budget that the Board passes. And the county executive has the power to veto them. We’ll see!

1) Restore $321,035 for CAMPAC (Org. 1974 – MC Fund for the Arts)  | $321,035
2) Provide $50,000 to the Parks for cultural programming (Org. 9000 –Parks) |  $50,000
3) Increase anticipated Potawatomi revenue by $27,036 and switch Safe Alternatives for Youth (SAY) to be paid with Potawatomi revenue rather than tax levy. (Org. 1937 – Potawatomi Revenue & Org. 8000-DHHS) |  ($27,036)
4) Deny the consolidation of the Department of Labor Relations, Ethics Board and Personnel Review Board into the Department of Human Resources (Orgs. 1140 – Human Resources, Org. 1905 – Ethics Board, Org. 1120 – Personnel Review Board and Org. 1135 – Labor Relations |  ($29,690)
5) Commuter Value Pass quarterly fares increase by $6 (Org. 5600 – Transit/Paratransit) | ($88,128)
TOTAL $226,181

The following table shows the amendments that were approved by the Committee on
Finance and Audit through the October 18, 2011 meeting. Only amendments that have no
tax levy impact are shown.

Amendments with No Tax Levy Impact

1) Increase Medical Examiner professional services for forensic lab oversight by $15,000,
offset by a revenue increase of $15,000 in medical service fees. (Org. 4900 – Med Ex.)
2) Deny the transfer of the Courts’ Human Resources Manager to the Department of Human
Resources (Org. 2000 Combined Courts & Org. 1140 Human Resources)
3) Clarify narrative language that any savings associated with the closure of inpatient units
will remain in the BHD budget and requiring a report on how the savings will be used.
(Org. 6300 – BHD)
4) Abolish one position of Accountant 3, instead of Accountant 1, and increase vacancy and
turnover to cover the difference in cost of the positions. (Org. 7900 – Aging)

The following table shows Capital Improvement Budget amendments that were approved by
the Committee on Finance and Audit through the October 18, 2011 meeting.
Approved Capital Improvement Amendments Bonding Impact
1) None $0


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