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Enhancing our County Parks

Here’s an interesting factoid: there is a total of nine County Parks within my county supervisory district. All nine of them are centers of recreation for our neighborhoods.

As you may know, the budgets for the Parks Department have gotten worse and worse over the past thirty years. As a response to that, citizen groups have been forming. People are tired of the grass growing out of control, or vagrants hanging around in the parks. They’re reclaiming the parks as the community fixtures that they always were meant to be.

A great way to do this in Milwaukee County is with the help of a group called The Park People of Milwaukee County. The Park People is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that exists for the betterment of the County Parks. They have done a lot in recent years to help Lake Park, the Oak Creek Mill Pond, and the Mitchell Park Domes.

As I wrote, there are nine County Parks within my district. Five of these nine parks lay west of Howell Avenue: CopernicusHoller, Mitchell Airport, Saveland, and Wilson Park. The other four are east of Howell: Bay ViewHumboldt, Morgan (Triangle), and Tippecanoe Park.

(Milwaukee political geeks: the first five are in the 13th aldermanic district, “the Garden District,” while the eastern four are in the 14th aldermanic district.)

As a county supervisor, one of the missions I set out for myself was to help start a Friends group for every County Park in my district. Through that, we can bring the neighborhoods closer together, and improve the situations within each of them. Yesterday we had the first meeting for Friends of Saveland Park. Almost twenty people packed into the small pavilion there in Saveland Park! They were all excited about the prospect of starting a group to better their park and their neighborhood. The group for Holler Park already exists in the form of the Holler Park Neighborhood Association, and we got them rolling with The Park People a few weeks ago. And just today I met with a person I’m going to start Friends of Morgan Park with. Three out of nine are under way. Not a bad start.

If there’s a Milwaukee County Park in your neighborhood, you can talk with The Park People about starting a Friends group for your park. And if it happens to be one in my district — Bay View, Copernicus, Holler, Humboldt, Mitchell Airport, Tippecanoe, and Wilson Park — let’s talk!


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