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October 27, 2011 Milwaukee County budget hearing

Naturally, the only one that I physically could not attend is the one where they vote on the tax levy. I have little doubt that County Executive Abele will veto it, but we’ll see how it plays out.



Milwaukee, WI – The Milwaukee County Board’s Finance & Audit Committee is holding a series of public meetings throughout October on the County Executive’s 2012 Recommended Budget.  Each day, the Committee reviews a number of specific departments and items in the budget.

Today, the Committee reviewed the following departments and approved the noted amendments:

• Amendment approved 6-0 to abolish two Noise Abatement Specialist positions and create three new positions at General Mitchell International Airport to assist in operations.

• Amendment approved 4-2 (No: Mayo, Thomas) to adopt policy that the tax levy support for the Department of Parks for the next four years, 2013 through 2016, shall not be less than the tax levy budgeted for this department in the 2012 adopted budget.

Department of Administrative Services
• Amendment approved 5-0-1 (Abstain: Thomas) to create a separate and stand-alone Department of Comptroller and Finance, and retitle the positions of Controller and Deputy Controller to Comptroller and Deputy Comptroller.   The position of Comptroller shall be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Board, and shall be removable from office for cause with the concurrence of both the County Executive and a majority vote of the County Board, or by a two-thirds vote of the County Board.  A number of other positions are transferred from DAS-Administration and Fiscal Affairs Division to the Department of Comptroller and Finance.  The comptroller shall be a position in the classified service and shall have an employment contract duration of five years, commencing January 1, 2012 and which shall be renewable for additional five year terms upon approval from by the County Board and concurrence of the County Executive.

Milwaukee County Transit/Paratransit
• Amendment approved 6-0 to report on the availability of a live feed of real time information on bus location using GPS technology and study electronically posting project times of arrival at heavily-frequented bus stops.

Employee Fringe Benefits
• Amendment approved 6-0 to decrease the proposed employee monthly premium for the family plan to $170 from $250, decreased the proposed office visit co-pay to $30 from $40, and decrease the annual out-of-pocket limit for preferred providers to $2,500 single/$5,000 family, from $3,000/$6,000 respectively.

Budget Amendment No. 2
• Amendment approved 6-0 to reflect personnel actions approved by the Personnel Committee and the County Board that are not included in the County Executive’s 2012 Recommended Budget.
Ordinance Changes

County Ordinances
• Ordinance amendment approved 3-2-1 (No: De Bruin, Mayo, Excused: Johnson) to add that any surplus sales and use tax revenues be applied toward county expenditures, including prefund employee benefit costs or fund unanticipated or extraordinary annual increases in such costs; or supplement the Appropriation for Contingencies.
• Ordinance amendment approved 4-1-1 (No: De Bruin, Excused: Johnson) to increase admission and parking fees at the Milwaukee County Zoo.
• Ordinance amendment approved 4-1-1 (No: Mayo, Excused: Johnson) increasing fees for certain parking violations in Milwaukee County.
• Ordinance amendment approved 4-1-1 (No: Mayo, Excused: Johnson) to abolish language relating to the reimbursement of Continuing Legal Education credits and membership dues for the Wisconsin Bar Association for non-represented attorneys and State-employed prosecutors in the Office of the District Attorney.

State Exempt Computer Aid approved 5-0 (Excused: Johnson)

Property Tax Levy (as amended)
• 5-1 (No: Schmitt) to approve property tax levy of $275,392,969, an increase of $5,838,268 or 2.17% from the previous year (9.6 million below the State-imposed levy cap for 2012)

2012 County Budget (as amended)
• 5-1 (No: Schmitt) to approve

The Committee’s final meeting on the 2012 County Budget is Wednesday, November 2 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 203-R of the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

The County Board’s annual Public Hearing on the 2012 Budget is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Monday, October 31 at the Washington Park Senior Center, located at 4420 W. Vliet Street in Milwaukee.

The County Board of Supervisors, under the leadership of Chairman Lee Holloway, will adopt the 2012 Budget on Monday, November 7 at 8:30 a.m. in Room 200 of the Milwaukee County Courthouse.


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