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A look at Humboldt Park, and a successful start for Friends of Saveland Park

This afternoon, I took some time to walk around Humboldt Park and see how the maintenance work has been coming along, and get some neighbors’ perspectives as well.

Walkways have been one of the concerns within Humboldt Park.  While not in the worst shape of all the walkways in the Milwaukee County Parks system, there were a few spots that had very large cracks and potholes.  It was my understanding that some of these had been worked on in recent weeks thanks to some money that was leftover in the Parks Department budget.

One of the biggest pathways that I found had been worked on was this north-south path that runs parallel to Logan Avenue, approaching Idaho Street:

Photo by Jason Haas

As you can see, there’s a tongue of new asphalt that arcs toward the very long stretch in the middle of the photo.  I do recall that area as being very chewed up prior to the pouring done here.  Most of the gnarly areas have been covered, as had this one, but others still remain in relatively poor condition—though still much better compared to how the above picture had been prior to work.  The photo below is to the south, moving toward Oklahoma Avenue between Pine and Logan.

Photo by Jason Haas

It’s a sad day when we have to accept this as “not as bad as what else we’ve seen.”

A neighbor pointed out that when a dead tree is removed, the remaining hole is filled with mulch.  Perhaps this one should be refilled?

Photo by Jason Haas

This looks like something that could be a perfect project for Humboldt Park Watch, or similar Friends of the Park group, for each of the nine County Parks in my district. (They are, in order: Bay View, Copernicus, Holler, Humboldt, Morgan, Mitchell Airport, Saveland, Tippecanoe, and Wilson Parks.)

I got started forming these groups with Saveland Park, located at S. 1st Street and W. Wilbur Avenue.  The park’s small size is disproportional to its importance to the surrounding neighborhood, as it sports a lagoon, a wading pool, a children’s play area, and a pavilion.  This importance is reflected in the fact that more than twenty people have attended each of the two meetings thus far.

We already have one improvement in community safety to report from the group. Deputy Juan Avila at the second meeting, and provided us with the phone number to call if we see something is afoot in the park that law enforcement should to know about. (Obviously, in an emergency, call 911.)  A week later, with this number in hand, a neighbor called Deputy Avila after they noticed a broken window at the park pavilion—the target of a well-aimed rock. Deputy Avila in turn notified  the park manager, who immediately placed a work-order for a new window right away.  According to some other parks workers that I spoke with, if this hadn’t happened so fast, the result may have been that a plywood panel would be put up over the window, reducing the park’s safety and appeal. Instead, the park stays an appealing, safe place.

Friends of Saveland Park meets again in January. If you’re interested in attending, leave a comment.


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