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Tweets from the April 16 County Board Meeting

[We will soon be able to post tweets with timestamps.]

*Hello! The new Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors has been sworn in and is now in session.

*Nominations for county board chair are in: Dimitrijevic, Lipscomb, Johnson, Weishan, and Jursik.

*Sup. Dimitrijevic is now addressing the board.

*Sup. Willie Johnson is now addressing the board on his bid for chairperson.

*@Matthew53214 eeee!

*Sup. Jursik is now addressing the board.

*Sup. Lipscomb is now addressing the board.

*Sup. Weishan is now addressing the board.
*Packed house in here; dozens of ppl have come to watch the election of the new board chair.
*and to watch their relative’s first day on the board.
*voting on chair begins now!
*Now onto round 2 of votes; Sup Weishan has moved for 10 min. recess.

*The motion fails 8-10. Onto ballot 3.

*Sup. Lipscomb moves to recess for 5 minutes. Objection, so it goes to a vote.

*Motion fails 9-9.

*Welcome to your smaller representative government!

*Round 4, same as the rest. 5-5-3-2-1.

*Sup. Mayo has moved for 10m recess; it passed without objection.

 *And we’re back.

*Still on election of county chair. It’s stuck in a 5-5 tie, Dimitrijevic/Lipscomb

*Sup. Romo West moves suspension of rules for removal of candidates with lowest votes

*this is a temporary move.

*requiring 2/3 vote, but getting 10 of 18, the motion fails.

*rounds 6-8: 5-5-5 Dimitrijevic-Jursik-Lipscomb, 2 Johnson, 1 Weishan

*@JasonRRae outlined below… it’s repeating that way. stuck in a holding pattern.

*round (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) all the same. #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike?

*Sup. Lipscomb asks for 10m recess. We’re off.

*we’re back… round 12.
*actually that was round 15. still stuck. Romo West asks for suspension of rules to eliminate lowest vote-getter.

*Sup Johnson objects, so Sup Romo West moves for suspension of rules. Roll call…

*7 noes. motion fails. onto round 16.

*still stalled after #16. 5-2-5-5-1… the game rolls on.

*6 Dimitrijevic, 1 Johnson, 5 Jursik, 5 Lipscomb, 1 Weishan. Sup. Mayo has moved for 20min. recess.
 *We’re back.

*Johnson has withdrawn his candidacy for chairman.

*7 for Dimitrijevic, 5 for Jursik, 5 for Lipscomb, 1 for Weishan.

*Round 20: 7-5-5-1, same as before. On to round 22.

*round 22 was the same. Lipscomb moves for 5 min recess. Dimitrijevic objects. Roll call. Motion passes.

*Not all sups have the microphones on, making it hard for listeners to hear. I will ask the county clerk about this.

*back again.

*Marina is up to 8, 4 for Jursik, 5 for Lipscomb, 1 for Weishan.

*Marina won!

*11 Dimitrijevic, 1 Weishan, 6 Lipscomb,; Sup. Dimitrijevic has been elected Milwaukee County Chairperson!

*Now electing first vice chair; Sup. Romo West is the only candidate. Congratulations on your unanimous election!

*I was nominated for second vice chair, but I declined.

*Sup. Steve Taylor is the sole nominee for this position. I have a feeling this will go well for him.

*Now onto unfinished business. Parks infrastructure audit, and a labor item.

*Sup. Schmitt has moved for referral of the parks audit back to Parks Cmte.

*Referral is sailing through. The first vote of the new board appears to be unanimous.

*Next unfinished item: filing appeal on labor relations ruling.

*Sup. Broderick recommends referral back to Judiciary Cmte.

*Now on veto override, on HUD grant spending… Sup. Romo West is asking if the vote needs to be taken today.

*Sup. Romo West has moved for layover. Sup. Lipscomb is speaking in favor of the layover.

*Sup. RW now moves to refer to Economic Dev. Cmte. Chairwoman reminds us that this is a time-sensitive item.

*Roll call: referral passes unanimously.

*Last item passed unanimously. Moving on to adjournment, with a 2012-2016 photo being taken first.

*Chairwoman Dimitrijevic thanks fmr. chair candidates for running

*Meeting adjourned.


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