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A new day for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

After twenty-four rounds of voting, we set the course for the new County Board. My good friend and excellent colleague Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic was elected Chairwoman on a 12-6 vote. I voted for her in each round, proving to my colleagues that I will stick to my word, which had long been to support Supervisor Dimitrijevic for chair.

Former Chairman Lee Holloway is a piece of legend in Milwaukee County. The Journal Sentinel made him out as a monster. My experience with him was tempered by the fact that he was planning on retiring at the end of the last term, which happened. And he’s gone. The future is much more ours to determine now than ever before.

I’m pleased to say that we have a good crop of new supervisors joining us. I think that everyone that was elected on April 3 has committed to being a full-time supervisor, capable of responding to their constituents and working to improve the quality of life in Milwaukee County.

Rather than talk about  how different we’re going to be, let us show you. We will show you through improved accountability, through improved inter-government cooperation and smart government practices.

I will also use this blog to keep you posted on what I’m up to, personally, and continue to tweet from our meetings as best I’m able. (It just occurred to me that it may become difficult for me to perform live tweets from a committee meeting if I am named chairman of any committees. We will see if that happens.)


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