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Thursday April 19: Six meetings, all in a row

Yup! Six meetings. It was supposed to be eight meetings, but two were cancelled. Some days are like that, but, this time the meetings were all voluntary. I’m trying to create a unified admissions pass for our Milwaukee County attractions—institutions such as the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Mitchell Park Domes, and the Milwaukee County Zoo. There are many other, less well-known attractions, such as the Charles Allis Art Museum and the Boerner Botanical Gardens, all publicly owned and operated institutions, part of our quality of life here in Milwaukee County.

The idea of this pass is to bring people back to these instituions, and keep them coming back after (re)discovering what a great value they are. My hope is to get the “big three”—the Public Museum, the Art Museum, and the Zoo—as the main attractions, and to bring people in to our other great attractions. For instance, the Charles Allis Art Museum is planning a new “Museum Mile” push with the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, North Point Light House, Jewish Museum of Milwaukee, and the Museum of Wisconsin Art at St. John’s. Not all of those are County-owned—but that’s the just sort of cross-organizational promotion that I am encouraging.

The Pass is still in development right now, but avid readers may recall my campaign discussion of this in 2011. People loved the idea. Given the popularity of “stay-cations,” the Pass could really help make a great local experience. And given that many of our attractions have regional appeal, it’s got the possibility to have a broad reach and a boost to revenues.

It might be good for more than a discount at the door. What if it got a discount at a restaurant? Or on a night’s stay at an area hotel? How about making it easier to travel?

We’ll see! Today I met with people from all of the above institutions, and then some. I told them that we will not be handing down some decree for them to deal with. Rather, I made it clear that they will be included in the discussion and planning on this, and that their interests and concerns will be heard and included in the process. I want to have their input on making a product that will work, and will improve their bottom lines while getting more people in the door. Reconnecting people and their county is what I’m all about.

More as it comes!


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