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Ideas for The Pass coming to fruition

A few things have happened on The Pass, which my avid readers have witnessed being previously documented. A few more points on this topic:

1. It’s all about the revenues.

The institutions that I’m talking to about adopting The Pass have one overriding concern: making sure they don’t lose revenue. Be it ticket sales or membership revenue, quite naturally, they don’t want The Pass to impact their bottom line. God knows we’ve had enough of a challenge with that. But of course The Pass is intended to help their bottom line.

What, then, can simultaneously enhance their bottom line while making The Pass an attractive purchase for consumers?

2. Tie it in.

What would make The Pass an attractive purchase for consumers? Having the ability to do get you in the door. When I say that, most people think of going to a museum, or something like that. What about the Milwaukee County Transit System: what if The Pass could get you on the bus and in the door at a museum?

3. Visit once, visit twice.

Ensuring repeat business is vital to upholding our cultural institutions. Getting people in the door, giving them reason to come back.

Also, working with the group VISIT Milwaukee is looking like a better and better idea. While I’m not in tourism, they specialize in it. We need to talk. Hopefully today’s phone tag will result in a tomorrow’s productive conversation.

4. If we build it, we have many and much better ways to ensure that they’ll come.

This isn’t bathed in the summer-night glow of Field of Dreams. The fact that you make something doesn’t mean people will use it unless you let them know it’s there. Or practically give it to them. We do have tools like social media that didn’t really exist just ten years ago. That gives us very low-cost ways to get the word out fast and wide.

Say, remember what I said about how people may not use it unless you practically give it to them? I remember hearing from people during my 2011 campaign: “Put it in the property tax bill. It’ll make me feel like I’m getting something good when it’s time to pay my taxes.”

We just might do that, pending legislative approval.

5. Sounds great, sounds easy, but it’s not.

Ever looked at the admissions prices for some of our County Attractions? Options for admissions and membership and many. And they are different for each institution. And for good reason: MPM has different needs than MAM, which in turn are different from those of Boerner Botanical Gardens or the Mitchell Park Domes. Just like my job: it’s not easy. But it’s worth it.

What would you like to see The Pass be? Your comments are welcome.


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