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Results from the June 28, 2012 Milwaukee County Board meeting

We had a very good meeting of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors today. Among the highlights are that we voted on items which will save taxpayers roughly $45,000 a month in interest payments, and we approved an agreement to implement the development of a two acre chunk of the Park East land. That will directly translate into jobs and idle land coming to life.

This incarnation of the County Board has only 18 supervisors. One effect of that is that if we vote 9-9 on an item, 9 ayes and 9 noes, the item fails. That happened a few times today. The first time was to override the county executive’s veto of a parks capital spending plan, the second on a proposal from the sheriff’s dept. to lease space at the MKE Regional Business Park (the former 440th Air Reserve unit at Mitchell Field).

In today’s meeting we had a lot of good energy and vibrant debate. It felt really good to be part of a democracy today!



• 18-0 to receive and place on file a request from the Office of the Sheriff to grant a leave of absence for Captain Nancy Evans from the Classified to the Unclassified Service

• 14-4 (No: Haas, Johnson, Jursik, Mayo) to confirm the appointment of Mr. Patrick Farley to the position of Director of Administrative Services.

• 9-9 (veto sustained) (No: Alexander, Cullen, Johnson, Lipscomb, Mayo, Sanfelippo, Schmitt, Stamper, Weishan) to override the County Executive’s veto of the 5-year Capital Development Plan from the Department of Parks, Recreation & Culture.

• 16-2 (No: Alexander, Sanfelippo) to approve an ordinance change related to residency waivers for positions in an unclassified service.

• 10-8 (No: Alexander, Borkowski, Bowen, Jursik, Romo West, Sanfelippo, Schmitt, Taylor) to reject a resolution to fully develop a graduated defined contribution pension plan to replace the existing defined benefit plan, and to report back with a final plan for implementation.

• 11-7 (No: Bowen, Broderick, Cullen, Haas, Jursik, Lipscomb, Schmitt) (item failed to reach 2/3 supermajority necessary to withdraw funds from contingency) to allocate $150,000 in Contingency funds to the War Memorial Center.

• 13-5 (No: Alexander, Borkowski, Johnson, Romo West, Sanfelippo) to deny a request from the Office of the Sheriff to create a Transit Patrol Division for the patrol of Milwaukee County buses and the Milwaukee County harbor area.

• 13-5 (No: Borkowski, Jursik, Sanfelippo, Schmitt, Taylor) to develop a process whereby designated representatives of authorized employee groups meet and confer with Milwaukee County management representatives on terms and conditions of employment and operational issues.

• 16-2 (No: Bowen, Sanfelippo) to increase by $125,000 and extend the term through December 31, 2012 for the Purchase of Services contract with Phoenix Care Systems, Inc., for the provision of Crisis Respite Home Services in the Disabilities Services Division.

• 17-1 (No: Sanfelippo) to enter into 2012 Purchase of Services contracts for the Behavioral Health Division related to the Mental Health Redesign and Community Resource Investment Initiative included in the 2012 Budget.

• 14-4 (No: Borkowski, Cullen, Harris, Taylor) to approve an amended request to extend the Purchase of Services Contract with Our Space for the Behavioral Health Division.

• 17-1 (No: Sanfelippo) to approve payment in the amount of $15,000 to Pledl & Cohn, S.C. in settlement of Scott E.M. Spates v. Jo-Jean Clemens, et al, United States District Case No. 10C1098.

• 14-4 (No: Bowen, Broderick, Cullen, Romo West) to approve payment in the amount of $37,055.84 to the Law Office of Michael A.I. Whitcomb for attorney’s fees incurred in Milwaukee County v. Clarke, Case No. 12-CV-350.

• 16-2 (No: Sanfelippo, Taylor) to approve an amended award to affected employees in the matter of Milwaukee County v. Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC) and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) resulting in the dismissal of the appeal in the Court of Appeals in this matter in return for a dismissal of all appeals and cross appeals by all parties in the litigation related to 2010.

• 17-0-1 (Abstain: Jursik) to refer back to the Transportation, Public Works & Transit Committee a request to prepare, review, approve and execute all contract documents as required to hire Johnson Controls, Inc., an Energy Services Company (ESCO) previously approved by the County Board to provide Phase 2-Part B Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting, to repair and renew Milwaukee County building infrastructure based on the energy audits performed at selected County facilities and is contingent upon the satisfactory “Due Diligence” performed by DAS on each GESPC proposal.

• 11-7 (No: Bowen, Broderick, Haas, Jursik, Stamper, Taylor, Weishan) to enter into a lease agreement with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, effective February 1, 2012, for the lease of approximately 1,670 square feet of truck inspection facility space (Building 204) at Milwaukee County’s MKE Regional Business Park (the former 440th Air Force Reserve Station).

• 9-9 (item fails) (No: Bowen, Broderick, Haas, Jursik, Romo West, Stamper, Taylor, Weishan, Dimitrijevic) to enter into a lease agreement with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, effective February 1, 2012, for the lease of approximately 7,676 square feet of vehicle maintenance shop space (Building 104) and approximately 20 paved parking spaces at Milwaukee County’s MKE Regional Business Park (the former 440th Air Force Reserve Station).

• 12-3-3 (No: Borkowski, Sanfelippo, Schmitt; Abstain: Alexander, Bowen, Stamper) to approve a resolution urging the United States Congress to pass federal legislation limiting Student Loan interest rates, creating new loan forgiveness provisions, and converting some borrowers’ private loans to federal loans.

• 16-2 (No: Johnson, Weishan) to approve a revised development agreement and an agreement to implement the development of Block 26, in the Park East corridor.

• 18-0 to refer back to the Finance, Personnel & Audit Committee item A7 from the 2012 Appropriation Transfer Packet.

All other items on today’s agenda were approved with no objection. The complete digest agenda from today’s meeting can be found on the County Legislative Information Center:

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 26, 2012, at 9:30 a.m. in Room 200 of the Milwaukee County Courthouse.


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