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Go ahead. Ask me anything.

Yeah, you read it right. Ask me anything.

The rules:

  1. An arbitrary decision-making process will be when evaluating your questions. Don’t take it personally if yours doesn’t get answered.
  2. Chances are I won’t answer questions that beg the question (e.g. “When did you stop hitting your wife?” or “What are you doing to further the downsizing of the County Board?”
  3. Be courteous, be curious. You just might get a response.

So there you have it. I’m getting a little punchy, so this may be entertaining.


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6 thoughts on “Go ahead. Ask me anything.

  1. Orphonic on said:

    If your mustache wasn’t hair, but in fact was a living caterpillar, what would its name be, and what ambitions might it have in life?

  2. Paul Gessner on said:

    Please respond to let me know about the use of county land behind my home. I’ve been waiting for some time for an answer.

    • Paul, I will check my records for an answer. Unfortunately, the entire staff in the County Real Estate office has retired. So there is no one there that can answer it now!

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