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County Board Meeting 02/07/13 Results

As provided by our Chief Committee Clerk: 

County Board Meeting 02/07/13 Results (2 seats vacant until spring election)


Approved Unanimous Voice Vote 16-0

Unfinished Business (1)

Item 1 File 12-850 Adopted as Substituted 16-0

Confirmation (2-6)

Item 3 File 13-98 Confirmed 16-0

Items 2, 4, 5 & 6 Laid Over one cycle 16-0

Finance Personnel & Audit (7-23)

All Adopted 16-0

Health and Human Needs (24-33)

All Adopted 16-0

Judiciary (34-44)

Item 36 File 12-987 Adopted 13-3 No: Borkowski, Mayo and Taylor

Balance Adopted 16-0

Parks (45-52)

Item 51 File 13-120 Adopted 14-2 No: Broderick and Jursik

Balance Adopted 16-0

TPW (53-59)

Item 58 File 13-97 Adopted in FPA (Moot in TPW)

All Adopted 16-0


ECD (60-64)

All Adopted 16-0

Special JUD & ECD (66)

Item 66 File 13-152 Adopted 14-2 No: Broderick and Mayo


Resolution Presented Under Suspension of the Rules (65)

Item 65 Adopted as Substituted 16-0 Cosponsor Supervisor Alexander


Transit Claims Disallowed Approved Unanimous Voice Vote 16-0

Citations Approved Unanimous Voice Vote 16-0

Commenced at 9:50 am

Recessed from 11:00 am until 11:26 am

Adjourned at 12:17 pm

(All times approximate)

* * * * * *

 All in all, most items passed unanimously, 16-0.  (We are down by two until the April 2013 election, when new occupants for the two vacant seats will be elected by the people of the districts.) One of the most consequential items was voting to increase the amount we would pay outside legal council to look at the public trust doctrine issues surrounding the proposed construction on the current site of the Downtown Transit Center. Of course, that won’t be what gets the headlines… and even that passed unanimously in the end.


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