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Friends of Morgan Park shows great devotion to a petite park

In my short time as a Milwaukee County supervisor, I’ve started a number of “Friends” groups for parks in my district. Friends of Morgan Park is a happy success story. This group is dedicated to Morgan Park, a small triangular park located on South Kinnickinnic Avenue in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood.

Morgan Park is rather wee, sporting a perimeter of just over 800 feet, and an area of roughly 27,600 square feet. (That’s ~2564 square meters for those keeping track.)

Despite the park’s small size, its neighbors are just as devoted as the people who live near the much larger Humboldt Park or Copernicus Park. Case in point: with less than 24 hours notice, a small group of neighbors came out on Saturday, November 16, which was a rather chilly day, to help out in a late Fall cleanup. This meant we raked leaves, a lot of leaves, out of the park. The park’s mature oak and maple trees drop a tremendous number of yellow-orange leaves on the ground. Without raking the leaves, they would mat under the snow and choke the grass, leaving bare patches on the smooth green lawn the next year. But with the Fall and Spring Clean-ups we have been performing for the past two years, the grass is noticeably better than in years past.

Here are some pictures from last weekend:

Leaves being raked out of Morgan Park, 15 November 2014.

Leaves being raked out of Morgan Park, 15 November 2014.

Piles of leaves that were  raked out of Morgan Park, 15 November 2014.

Piles of leaves that were raked out of Morgan Park, 15 November 2014.

The view from the second floor of a house across from Morgan Park, November 15, 2014.

The view from the second floor of a house across from Morgan Park, November 15, 2014.

Pretty cool! And the best part is, the kids just love it:


“WHEEE!!” Giant piles of leaves present a perfect opportunity for jumping in.

This is on top of the other events we’ve done this year. Friends of Morgan Park has twice hosted Food Truck Friday during Bay View Gallery Night. Both of these have drew several hundred people to Morgan Park in what was probably a record-setting number for attendance in the The best part is, after the people and food trucks left, both the attendees and the Friends of Morgan Park did such a remarkable job of picking up that, save for the overflowing trash cans, you couldn’t tell that they’d been there.

Spring and Fall cleanups, brunches, organized health activities, and whatever else fits, all great activities brought about by the neighbors and Friends of Morgan Park.


South Side meeting to discuss changes to MCTS Route 15

Let me quote the press release:

Milwaukee County
Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic, 4th District
Supervisor Patricia Jursik, 8th District
Supervisor Jason Haas, 14th District

For Immediate Release October 17, 2011
Contact: Harold Mester, Public Information Manager
414/278-4051 or


Express Route 15 proposed for south side, south shore and airport area

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Supervisors Marina Dimitrijevic, Patricia Jursik and Jason Haas will host an information session regarding the changes to Route 15 and the proposed express bus service included in the County Executive’s 2012 Recommended Budget.

The proposed Express Route 15 would impact Milwaukee’s south side, other south shore communities, and General Mitchell International Airport. The proposal also includes changes to the current Route 15.

In addition to the Supervisors, representatives from the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) will be on hand to present detailed information and answer questions from the public.

Supervisors Marina Dimitrijevic, Patricia Jursik and Jason Haas

Information session on Route 15/proposed express bus service
Monday, October 24, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Bay View Library (accessible from MCTS Route 15)
2566 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee


Route 15 is important to me. I ride the bus, along with tens of thousands of people. I want to make sure that they can continue to use it.

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